Find talent. Hire Talent. Done. 

The Kairos Difference

Kairos Recruiting, LLC customizes each search to the specific needs of our clients.  A comprehensive thorough process is the key to obtaining and securing elite talent.  We have decades of recruiting experience resulting in countless successful searches.  We know how to find top talent and help you achieve superior staffing results.  

  • How do we do it? Technology and process are necessary and we use it but in full transparency, it’s our intuition that sets us apart. We genuinely like people.  At Kairos Recruiting, we have become students of human nature, know how to read body language, how to catch little hesitations in speech and spot a too-quick shift of the eye. By being transparent thru the relationship, everyone is at ease, honest.
  • Why do we do it? It’s simple, Connections.  Recruiting is about Connecting . . . People with Knowledge, People with Purpose, People with People.  Our passion is YOU!
  • Why should you do it? We begin by securing knowledge and understanding of company history, culture, market position, organizational structure and value proposition. 

01. Search Strategy

We develop a list of target companies from which we will most likely find appropriate candidates. These sources include networking with industry contacts, executive level resources, database and direct sourcing calls.

02. CAndidate Selection

After our research and sourcing efforts to identify the best candidates, we interview them, determine their level of interest, and evaluate their qualifications and personal suitability.  Short lists of only the candidates best suited to the position are presented for client interviews.

03. Client Interviews and Assessment

We coordinate and manage the logistics of the interviews. We debrief with clients & candidates and resolve any open issues or concerns. Select final candidates. Interactive consultation with client to narrow shortlist to finalists.

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