KAIROS (καιρός) (definition):

a time when conditions are right for the accomplishment of a crucial action : the opportune and decisive moment.

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We want to reinvent how Staffing Agencies are viewed by clients. Our goal is to fill roles quickly and communicate in a manner that leaves you with more time and less open positions.

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Kairos Recruiting strives to be the trusted partner in locating, identifying and delivering elite talent to top clients.  We understand that trust is built over time and the only way to build lasting relationships with our clients and candidates is through our commitment to truth, trust and transparency.

Whether you are in search of a proven performer or you are a top professional looking for your next career opportunity, Kairos Recruiting can provide the hiring solution.


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Kairos Recruiting, LLC customizes each search to the specific needs of our clients.  A comprehensive thorough process is the key to obtaining and securing elite talent.  We have decades of recruiting experience resulting in countless successful searches.  We know how to find top talent and help you achieve superior staffing results. 

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